SCIM CoverWe have released our book, A Short Course in Marriage. This book will expand your understanding of how marriage works and what it takes for partners to get the most out of their marital experience. This Short Course provides tools for developing a healthy self and a healthy relationship.

We are under no illusion that marriage is an easy path. However, we believe the rigors and challenges of marriage allow us to develop as wiser and more resilient individuals. A major variable for successful marriage is a person’s willingness to take responsibility for their issues and contributions which affect their marriage relationship. Along with the personal awareness that is necessary for such responsiveness, we believe it is helpful to have an awareness of the developmental stages we identify as common and crucial to the marital process.

Our book covers topics ranging from communication and sexuality to concerns about money and safety. All of this is set in the context of the importance of commitment to the marital process and finding the personal, interpersonal and spiritual support necessary to address the journey that is marriage.

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